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                            Piston rod

                            ● Knowledge of piston rod
                            Piston rod testing hardness: hardness tester measurement is usually divided into two types: destructive measurement and non-destructive measurement. Non-destructive measurement means less damage and cannot be completely free of damage. Relative to the shaft in the middle of the piston, this injury is fatal, so only by destructive measurement.
                            Piston rod customs code: 84129090.00 cylinder piston rod, 84129090.90 cylinder piston rod, 84129090.90 high precision cylinder piston rod, 84314990 horizontal cylinder piston rod, 84314990 luffing cylinder piston rod, 84799090 cylinder piston rod.

                            ● Manufacturing process
                            The outer diameter is 20~500mm, the length is 600~15000mm, the precision slender shaft and the piston rod. It is manufactured by advanced technology of precision cold drawing, precision grinding and high precision polishing, and all technical indicators are in line with national standards.

                            ● Piston rod design matters
                            1. The use of the equipment and the conditions of the workpiece.
                            2. Structural characteristics, load conditions, required speed, stroke size and action requirements of the working mechanism.
                            3. The selected working pressure of the hydraulic system.
                            4. The current status of materials, accessories and processing technology.
                            5. Relevant national standards and technical specifications, etc.
                            6. Try to make the piston rod bear a very large load in the multi-pull state, and have good longitudinal stability in the multi-pressure state.

                            ● Piston rod application
                            This product can be directly used in oil cylinders, air cylinders, shock absorbers, textile printing and dyeing, printing machinery guide rods, die-casting machines, injection molding machine guide rods and four-column press guide posts, fax machines, printers and other modern office machinery guide shafts, etc. Industry products where precision elongated shafts are components.

                            ● Dimensional tolerance table
                            Tolerance class Level 7(h7) Level 8(h8) Level 9(h9) Level 10(h10) Level 11(h11) Level f7(f7) Level f8(f8)
                            Diameter m/m
                            6-10 0-0.015 0-0.022 0-0.036 0-0.058 0-0.09 -0.013
                            10-18 0-0.018 0-0.027 0-0.043 0-0.058 0-0.09 -0.016
                            18-30 0-0.021 0-0.033 0-0.052 0-0.084 0-0.13 -0.02
                            30-50 0-0.025 0-0.039 0-0.062 0-0.1 0-0.16 -0.025
                            50-80 0-0.030 0-0.046 0-0.074 0-0.12 0-0.19 -0.03
                            80-120 0-0.035 0-0.054 0-0.087 0-0.14 0-0.22 -0.036

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