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                            Modulation piston rod

                            ● Product introduction
                            The piston rod is the connecting part that supports the work of the piston, and is often used in the motion execution parts of oil cylinders, air cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. It is also a widely used part of industrial construction machinery, which can transmit torque and bear loads. Because the main function of the piston rod is to transmit torque and bear loads, it can be used in various mechanical systems with linear reciprocating motion. For example, it is more suitable for various types of oil cylinders, air cylinders, conveying machinery, hydraulic pneumatics, construction machinery, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, textile machinery, injection molding machines, printing and dyeing machinery, die-casting machines, automobile manufacturing and other machinery. Rods, top rods, etc.

                            ● Advantages
                            Due to the different scope of use and working conditions of the piston rod, sometimes, in order to meet the production and manufacture of different standards, the piston rod must undergo processes such as electroplating, rolling, quenching, quenching and tempering, and nitriding. Through these processes, certain aspects of the performance of the piston rod may be required to increase the application of the product. Its quenching and tempering treatment mainly depends on the material used for making the piston rod. Quenching and tempering is only a double heat treatment process of quenching and high temperature tempering. Therefore, the quenched and tempered piston rod products have the following advantages:
                            1. It can effectively improve the working strength of the material.
                            2. After the piston rod is quenched and tempered, it can have good comprehensive mechanical properties.
                            3. Contribute to the sealing of tiny cracks on the surface, hinder the expansion of erosion, and improve the corrosion resistance of the surface.
                            4. The piston rod has been quenched and tempered, which can effectively eliminate the internal stress caused by quenching, so as to obtain the expected mechanical properties.

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