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                            Technological measures and corrosion resistance of stainless steel piston rod

                            In the process of using stainless steel piston rod, it is mainly used for hydraulic start, piston rod for construction machinery, automobile manufacturing, guide column for plastic machinery, roller shaft for packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, axis for conveying machinery, Linear optical axis for linear motion.
                            The stainless steel piston rod is mainly processed by rolling. During operation, the surface residual compressive stress remains in the surface layer, which can help to seal the tiny cracks on the surface and hinder the expansion of erosion. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of the surface can be improved, and the generation and expansion of fatigue cracks can be delayed, thereby improving the fatigue strength of the cylinder rod.
                            The stainless steel piston rod is formed by rolling, and the rolling surface forms a layer of cold work hardening, which reduces the elastic and plastic deformation of the contact surface of the grinding pair, thereby improving the wear resistance of the surface of the cylinder rod, and avoiding the wear caused by grinding. of burns. After rolling, the reduction of surface roughness value can improve the fit properties. At the same time, the friction damage to the seal ring or the seal when the cylinder rod and piston moves is reduced, and the overall service life of the oil cylinder is improved.
                            The rolling process of stainless steel piston rod is a high-quality process measure. After rolling, the surface roughness of the cylinder rod is reduced from Ra3.2~6.3um before rolling to Ra0.4~0.8um, and the surface hardness of the cylinder rod is reduced. It is increased by about 30%, and the surface fatigue strength of the cylinder rod is increased by 25%. The service life of the oil cylinder is increased by 2 to 3 times, and the rolling process is about 15 times more efficient than the grinding process. The above data shows that the rolling process can improve the surface quality of the cylinder rod.
                            In order to complete the operation of the product, we should clean the stainless steel piston rod, which is also so that we can have a better quality stainless steel piston rod. To put it simply, we can wash with soap or warm water. If this method cannot be completely cleaned, then naturally we can use other methods, such as professional cleaning agents and so on. No matter what method you use to operate, we focus on its effect, and if the effect is not good, it will naturally be useless to us.

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