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    Consumer electronics

    Products in the light weight and action of the trend, thin, compact structure, high speed, high thermal conductivity, touch control and energy saving have become the demand of products. We provide high quality, consumer electronics related connectivity solutions.....

    Automotive Electronics

    Advanced manufacturing technology could also make driving more environmentally friendly. Using lighter and fewer materials can reduce vehicle weight, thus improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. One way to reduce vehicle weight is to reduce component size…


    Focus on the field of new energy vehicles, master the core connection technology, Seamless connection of critical power signals and data, faster data transmission speed, to meet consumer expectations, safer and faster driving experience.....

    Precision components

    Injection molding process is a complex processing process involving mold design, mold manufacturing, raw material characteristics and raw material pretreatment method, molding process, injection molding machine operation and other factors, and processing environmental conditions, product cooling time, post-treatment process……


    With the development of semiconductor technology and Internet technology, portable medical diagnostic devices and even wearable devices can also realize the measurement and monitoring of the characteristics of human signs. Through wireless and Internet technology, the data collected by the equipment can be sent back to the remote medical diagnostic personnel for analysis......




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